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Why can cryolite help melting?

Why can cryolite help melting?

Cryolite is a co-solvent in the aluminum industry, and alumina will dissolve in the cryolite, just like a solution. Also, dissolving, which is much easier than melting, will lower the natural melting point. And why can it help? Next, the cryolite manufacturer - Jinshengwei Fluorine Chemical will explain it to you, hoping to help you.

Material: In addition to being able to dissolve alumina, it also has other indispensable properties, such as no elements more electropositive than aluminum, good stability, decomposed under normal conditions, non-volatile, non-deliquescent, melting point higher than aluminum, conductive Good performance, save power and so on. It can be said that if there is no cryolite, there may not be such a large-scale aluminum industry in the world, the price will not be so low, and the application will not be so extensive.

Cryolite is used as a solvent to dissolve alumina and then electrolyze. It plays a key role here, it solves the difficulty that alumina has a high melting point (up to 2 050 ℃), is non-conductive, and cannot be electrolyzed alone. After the alumina is dissolved in it, it can be electrolyzed at a temperature (940 ℃ ~ 980 ℃). It also has other wonderful uses. It is lighter than aluminum in the molten state. The electrolyzed aluminum sinks to the bottom of the tank, and the cryolite floats on it, which prevents the aluminum from being oxidized by the air.